I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

4) My lab results have become better.

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Some studies show that stretching exercises also help lower cholesterol and keep glucose levels in check by preventing the hardening of arteries and increasing blood flow to all your internal organs. So I decided to prove this point too.

Before the experiment, I didn’t really care about my health. A lack of regular exercise, poor dietary habits, and sedentary lifestyle — all contributed to my high cholesterol and sugar levels. However, stretching on a routine basis helped me a lot — the results of my blood tests went back to normal.

3)My coordination has improved.

“Stretching can prevent muscle tightness and bring your body back to feeling more balanced,” that’s what I read a month ago. Well, I can’t say that I had some coordination issues in the past — if you sit still in your chair throughout a day, you don’t need to have a perfect sense of balance, right?

However, I felt that something was wrong when I tried to ride a bike a few years ago. I just couldn’t keep it balanced, and it would start to lean here and there over and over again. Today, I just can’t understand why such an easy task was so difficult for me and I’m proud to say that I finally showed gravity who’s boss!


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