Reality Bites For Democrat Spin On Law And Order

Klan ghosts won’t hide fallout from party embrace of radicalism.

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It took only one day for the real world to cut into Democrat spin to devastating effect. In the wake of a contentious opening presidential debate that saw President Donald Trump dominate his rival Joe Biden on the issue of law and order, Democrats are furiously trying to play up the angle that Trump refused to condemn white supremacists as a major gotcha moment. But even as they were feverishly engaged in pursuing this framing, news broke that a suspect has been identified in Los Angeles and would be charged with the shocking ambush on two LAPD officers that horrified the nation earlier in September.

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While Democrats weakly attempt to slam Trump for the umpteenth time for not disavowing the 100 or so individuals that make up the ersatz bogeyman that is the Ku Klux Klan in 2020 America, an infamous crime has returned to the headlines to remind voters of the violent chaos that surrounded the summer of leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter protest.

Life Is Not A Movie

As Trump receives the backing of one police organization after another, biased big-box media outlets are clumsily falling back on the same tricks that failed to move the election needle in 2016, playing up a non-existent organized violent right-wing threat as a dire burden on Trump’s campaign. “G.O.P. Alarmed by Trump’s failure to Disavow the Proud Boys,” screamed out a headline in The New York Times. Yet Americans with their own eyes can see that it is not the Proud Boys who are looting and pillaging in city streets, tearing down monuments and tossing molotov cocktails into police cars. “Almost everything I’ve seen is from the left wing, not the right wing,” Trump stated at the Cleveland debate. Tens of millions of Americans have seen this as well.

Far more damaging will be the unforced error Biden made in going out of his way to dismiss the violent left-wing Antifa movement as “an idea, not an organization.” Those ill-spoken and unnecessary words come after months of very public tumult that caused initial trendy support for Black Lives Movement radicals in the immediate shadow of the death of George Floyd in late May to plummet as the nation sat transfixed over the scale of destruction caused in the name of “peaceful protest.”

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As Democrats and their dominant media partners aim to tie Trump into phantom escapades of right-wing mayhem straight out of Hollywood film fiction, Republicans will be able to point a direct line between Biden’s major misstep on Antifa and overwhelmingly documented acts of leftist violence that have repulsed the country.

The news that Deonte Lee Murray is being charged with the brutal ambush of two LAPD officers, coming one day after the debate, further dramatically mocks Democratic daydreams that the Klan night-riding like it is 1915 is the real plague on law and order that is affecting the commonweal today.

“There are people who have such deep-seated hatred against law enforcement that they’re just willing to kill anybody unprovoked,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva soberly declared as Murray’s name was released. There are also people fanning the flames of that hatred. Americans have witnessed for months how BLM extremists, aided and abetted by fawning major media outlets and preening Democrat politicians, helped whip up a seething antagonism against police. Left-wing mayhem stops being an “idea” when the blood starts flowing right under the watching gaze of voters.

Exposing Their Emptiness

But there is another crucial element to what is going on here. By lamely latching on to the threadbare and thoroughly tired “Trump Is a Racist Nazi Klan Sympathizer” theme, the Biden campaign is sending out the unmistakable message that it has no resonant agenda of its own to offer the American people. At a time when Trump is labeling Biden as “low energy” in the exact way that he gleefully lampooned his GOP establishment rivals in 2016, Democrats are digging up the same empty and lazy arguments that Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Co. resorted to in palpably desperate efforts to stave off a landslide that swept them from their cozy party control perches.

Remember the silly game GOP establishment figures played? They demanded Trump “disavow” exotic fringe ex-Klan leader David Duke and then timed him on it, declaring that he failed to beat their clock and thus was, in Romney’s infamous words, “disqualified.” After Mitt and his pals officially decreed that Trump was kicked out of the election, the citizenry of this nation calmly went about installing him in the White House.

And now we have the Biden campaign, equally devoid of compelling content, following the same hollow playbook to cover up its total lack of appeal on any slogan except “We’re Not Trump.”

Unfortunately for it, the KKK is just not real in the eyes of Americans today. Deonte Lee Murray most certainly is. It took less than 24 hours for reality to step in and put gaping holes in the narrative. Yet they still won’t change stride. After all, what choice do they have? Saddled with an aged and fading candidate whose lack of substance was magnified on the presidential debate stage on Sept. 29, a retreat into scripted fantasies can be a comforting way to delude themselves that they have not completely lost the plot in this race.


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