The 8 Best Cities For Families in Canada for 2019 | Great Canadian Van Lines

6. Vancouver, British Columbia


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Vancouver, British Columbia, offers residents the best of both worlds. It’s a metropolitan city with a small-town vibe. Each of the city’s unique neighbourhoods presents plenty of opportunities for employment and for enjoying recreational activities. You will find that Vancouver is family-friendly and chock full of fun things to do with your loved ones as well as highly-rated educational programs, which makes it a great place to raise children. If you’re a fan of the outdoors you won’t be alone, as Vancouver is home to skiers, snowboarders, boaters, and hikers. The restaurant scene in the area is thriving, popular places include sushi spot Miku and a café serving food made with locally-sourced ingredients, Medina.

There have been fewer buyers in regards to the housing market in Vancouver, meaning existing buyers have more listings to choose from and face less competition than seen in the past few years. According to the Financial Post, prices have declined as recently as this year. That being said, lower house prices are being offset by higher mortgage rates.

Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $976.55

Percent of Families With Kids: 27%

Population: 2,313,328

Estimated Unemployment Rate: 4.3%

Average household income: $93,520

Average Price Of A Home: $1,514,621

5. Oakville, Ontario

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Oakville, Ontario allows residents easy access to the amenities and job market in both Toronto and Hamilton while reaping the benefits of a smaller suburban city. The tight-knit community guarantees your neighbours will be friendly, helpful and may actually get to know your name. Oakville is known for its many festivals, including the Downtown Oakville Jazz Fest, the Family Ribfest, and the The New Art Festival. The downtown area runs along the shore of Lake Ontario and is centered on Oakville Harbour. Young professionals and families make up a large part of the city’s demographics, as there are about 54,875 census families in private households.

The local housing market has remained steady in terms of price fluctuations this year. In the past three months, the market has bounced back in a strong way. Prices are high, although not as high as they were last year.

Median Monthly Daycare Cost: $1,003

Percent of Families With Kids: 24%

Population: 209,039

Estimated Unemployment Rate: 5.7%

Average household income: $161,540

Average Price Of A Home: $1,218,967


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