The Hidden Truth About FaceApp

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It’s called FaceApp and it has scaled tops download in app stores. The application has become viral because it predicts our appearance when we are older or even if we had a different haircut or eye color. Success has led to expert alerts: the Russian company Wireless Lab, the developer of the application, has been collecting information about users and building a huge database at the expense of filters and other features. And the most important: with their authorization.

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In recent days, several images have been shared on social networks that show, through an ageing filter, what users will look like when they are older. Through artificial intelligence, this app – currently at the top of the list of most downloaded free apps on the Google Play and App Store – still gives users a host of other features to transform their faces.

The application, and partner companies have thus gathered a set of information about the users, with their authorization, namely with regard in the browsing history of the browser. In the privacy policy, app creators specify that users downloading the app are agreeing to provide “directly” photos and other materials that they publish through that service, as well as browsing history. “We use third-party analytic tools to help us measure traffic and service usage trends. These tools gather information sent by your device or our service, including the web pages you visit, add-ons, and another informations to help us improve the service. We collect and use this analytical information together with analytical information from other users so that it cannot be used to identify any individual user, “reads the privacy policy.


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