This is why the government won’t let you enter area 51 !

Area 51’s influence on popular culture

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  • Paul— Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wrote and marked during this film that sees Two magazine enthusiasts travel across the United States of America visiting sites wherever individuals have noticed UFOs. On the manner they meet associate degree alien known as Paul, who’s been command unfortunate person in space fifty one
  • IndependenceDay — The 1996 film focuses on a bunch of individuals United Nations agency find yourself along within the Silver State desert when a worldwide attack by associate degree unknown alien race. They take a captured alien to space 51 and verify the government has been concerned in an exceedingly UFO conspiracy since the town incident within the 40s
  • The X-Files— throughout the sixth series of the sci-fi television program, one of the story lines saw Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents Fox Mulder and Danu Scully visit space  They witness the flight of a mysterious trying craft that might be a UFO
  • Area 51 —A game developed by Midway Games in 2005. It is a first-person shooter wherever you attack alien troopers, and a mutant alien that is being developed at the base of operations.

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