Woman Wears Mascara To Bed For 25 Years And Never Washes Her Face – See Under Her Eyelid

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Most of us wear our makeup to bed on occasion. We may come in and just be too tired to wash it off so we just go to bed. We know that we shouldn’t do it but we do it anyway. Of course, we don’t typically leave our makeup on every night but that isn’t the case for all of us.

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As an example, this Australian woman managed to wear her mascara every night to bed for 25 years. She started when she was 25 years old, and now that she is 50, she reached somewhat of a milestone in life.

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When you see these pictures, you are going to realize just how dangerous it can be to fall asleep without removing your makeup. Teresa Lynch didn’t intend on being a warning for us in this regard, but you may never wear makeup to bed again.

She decided to visit the doctor after having a strange sensation in her eye. She described it as being as if something was stuck in her eye and she couldn’t get it out. When the doctors examined her, they were shocked at what they saw. In fact, she even ended up as a case study in the American Academy of Ophthalmology. In that study, Lynch admitted that she wore heavy mascara for 25 years with “inadequate removal.”

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The problem was on the inside of her eyelids. The buildup of mascara had calcified into lumps and that made her feel as if something was stuck in her eye. In reality, something was actually stuck in her eye!

Dr. Rebecca Taylor, a clinical spokesperson for the AAO and an ophthalmologist had the following to say: “The concretions got embedded in the conjunctiva and it went deeper into the subconjunctival layer, but you could still see it, sort of like a tattoo. She basically had these rough things stuck on the underside of her upper eyelid so every time she closed her eyes it would scratch her eyeball, particularly the cornea.”

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If that wasn’t enough, she was also dealing with a nasty case of follicular conjunctivitis. This is a type of bacterial infection that takes place on the follicles in the conjunctiva.

The mucous membrane that covers the eye is the conjunctiva and it protects the eye from infections. Because of the issues associated with her problem, permanent scarring has occurred on the inside of her eyelids. It has also scarred the surface of the eye.

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A 90-minute procedure was necessary to remove the larger lumps that had built up under her eyelids. They were embedded deeply into the area, building up on top of each other. Lynch claims that it was “so uncomfortable,” and we could imagine so.


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